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devoidgazer's News

Posted by devoidgazer - 1 month ago


🔥 We hit the demonic milestone! 🔥

Thanks guys for summoning Satan! <3

I'll make a better post down the line once I get stuff done

How do I end this post uhhh... Random doodle dump!





Posted by devoidgazer - December 28th, 2023

GOODBYE 2023!!


Truly one of the years... I would say I didn't post a lot, but this year has been the year I posted more art on the portal compared to the last two years (If you count 1 old post). I'm thankful I got to participate in a few projects given the amount of stress I was under at the beginning of the year; middle of the year wasn't too good either but quite a lot of good things came out from that pressure, so it wasn't that bad! This post will sound kinda brain dumpy!


Snake Dragon Project Update?!

Beginning near January @kcj567 & I had started cracking down on the SnakeDragon Animation project. It has gone through multiple limbos, and it still will, but we are determined to finish it before the rest of the other projects.

Here's a news post I made about the whole situation for more detail:

Got a cool carrot to chase, again! - by devoidgazer (newgrounds.com)


It is, fortunately, still making progress with the entire color script done *!


here's a snippet :p



Before the start of the year and throughout was my complete obsession with Rain World.

I swear my entire Steam page is just 98% of RW playtime

They held a RW Art month during March and I couldn't resist. The amount of art I pushed during that month alone was the most I could do to keep a consistent schedule. Unfortunately, I could not go on through with the full month since I get distracted easily, however here are the four I did manage to finish very happy with em :)

Because of this I have a ton of AMVs in my head filling me with delusions that I can finish all of it in a week.

I consume this game. Give it a whirl and suffer with me...!

During May

PICO CROSS + Pico Day!


I couldn't really make anything for Pico Day (animation wise), so I decided to collaborate with others, yeah! @Karlestonchew & @Supersam111 hosted the Pico Cross collab and many artists joined in to contribute their own piece! The end result turned out amazing!

I picked the Mario Kart theme just based off an old sketch I had sitting around gathering dust. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones you forget after a year whoops!

In terms of animation. Around June I began the

Animation Process for the El Dorado Reanimated Collab

by @WesMakowski !!!

-11 seconds of animation during a 4-month sprint *brief overview*-


I tried something new in terms of preparation. I did a couple of character mockups, did the majority of the storyboards through Photoshop instead of Animate, and for once, I tried my hand at post-production bringing a few lighting effects and just overall making the end result looking far more polished than my old animations.

It must have been the lack of animating because I completely underestimated how time-consuming it was! Since the Hello World :) Trailer during the Jam days, I've lost the time to make full animations. I was secretly practicing the basics on a few spare days but in terms of animation output, this collab was the most I could muster while working full-time.

Which wasn't too bad really! I'm very happy with the turnout (snagged daily 3rd) + managed to get over my fear of drawing bodies haha.

Can't wait for the full project to come about! Be on the lookout for it!

In July, I squeezed in a piece for the Love Me NG Contest!

The team behind the game are some of the loveliest folks! I wish I could go to the meet up but ITS SO FAR WHYYYY ?! big L for me for the 2nd time now. Central state meetup WHEN CMON???


In September BIG BRAIN MOVE I left my job to try a tech bootcamp!

September and throughout, were a weird couple of months where I spiraled into insanity, and I did what I wanted to do. I completed the course and now I am certified UX giga chad. HURRAH! NOT YET BUT I AM LOOKING FOR WORK!!!

My time is being consumedddd RAAAAA

In October @JAAS420 made a Fire Emblem Inspired Game!

The demo is out! MY HOMIE MADE IT!

Baby's first game so proud. EARTHBO- I mean WARBOUND!

Warbound Demo is OUT! - by JAAS420 (newgrounds.com)

It is still being updated! But please give it a whirl!

pixel art curtesy of KCJ iu_1136676_8461193.pngjust look at him... ᵇᵉᶦⁿᵍ ᶠʳᵘᶦᵗʸ

After September...

Everything cooled off. November came and went. Not much to go off on near the end of the year in terms of projects other than I do have important personal work to do for my job search etc. This next year will be busy for sure.

- End of Summary-


how could I end it off without saying a few resolutions right?!


I started writing?!

During the year I did a couple of drawings here and there sure, BUT did you know I also started writing this year...?

BROS. I began my brain dumping of stories within multiple docs and I am going to be honest with yall. Writing is like... SUPER THERAPEUDIC? Why did no one tell me? I ᴀᴍ ɢᴏɪɴɢ ɪɴsᴀɴᴇ ɪɴ ᴀ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴡᴀʏ!

I love comics! It might be my delusions again but for long-term projects I want to have this for myself. I have a ton of ideas for stories but the time I give them is extremely limited to just typing words in a doc. However, I feel very strong about these two so far...

- Concept Idea for an Original Comic

I began a concept for an original comic idea that started during August. This one feels shorter than the concept below so this might be THE story for sometime next year, if it does happen!

Here's the premise:

Hidden away within the dark reaches of the wicked forest of the west, countless rumors and legends from the passing villagers state of a treacherous beast with an appetite so tremendous it devoured entire villages without leaving a single trace behind. As black as the night sky, extending claws as long as an elk's horns and an all-seeing eye that could predict your death, words such as this could not scare young nomadic Palpo, who’s expertise in traversing terrible terrains in search of food, water and temporary shelter from the harshness of life’s challenges, gives him unyielding resolve in traversing one of the most warned areas for travel. Given these legends are as old as time, his encounter with the creature itself, as much as an impossible imagination for him it was, left him terribly dumbfounded to meet the creature’s demands as that could mean the difference between life or death.

NO PROMISES though BUT Happy to say that there is a beginning and ending! It should be short and sweet.

- Concept for a Fancomic

Eating me for the past 9 months+ is this fan-story concept based off the events after Pico's School crossover with 'a funny game'. It's REALLY embarrassing for me to share this one! It feels silly to be so into this... fancomic idea?

The only thing I have made anything public about it was this post for context:

Believe me when I say I WANT to talk more about it, but I can't let myself get delusions or else it will never happen. This thing is looking to be a long-term project. For the new year I want to have at least 1 page uploaded based off this concept. A good goal for my short attention span. There's still broken ends and plot holes I wish to clean out before I make the jump so NO PROMISES


I was really giddy about this one (o´〰`o)♡*✲゚*


Does looking at this conglomerated mess make you feel reassured?

For all two of these stories I want to get something uploaded here. I get the mental zoomies every time I think about em.

Continue Animating but with Purpose!

It's been in the back burner, but I really want to get better at 2D animation. Want to make it a goal for me to start animating character performance, which also means I want to get better at animating lip-sync and having characters move and walk and do STUFF!

The most realistic goal is having maybe 2 months to practice a bit of dialogue depending on the length involve. I have one in WIP currently.

And finally saying goodbye to my WIPS (drawing wise). I'm dropping a few illustrations since there are so many better drawings out there. I definitely should be doing that more often. Compiling them would be nice however...


ʙᴇғᴏʀᴇ ɪ ɪᴍᴘʟᴏᴅᴇ...

Truly it was a year. I think I did what I could. I wish I could have done more but there's no point in beating yourself about it. More drawings, more work, YES please! Next year the forecast is looking rainy with a chance of my hopes and dreams!

And I dunno, I just feel it man! I have a good feeling about 2024. Yep I said it.

I love this place and the homies who reside in it ⁿᵒ ʰᵒᵐᵒ

Thanks for a great year, and cheers for a new one Newgrounds! <3 <3 <3

Keep in Touch Until Next Time...




Posted by devoidgazer - December 24th, 2023

Merry Xmas Eve and Everything Afterwards NG!

Finally graduated from tech bootcamp! Yippie! Man did a lot of things happen this year. I might make an end of the year reflection thingy here before 2024 we'll see...! I miss this place.

That is all!🎄🎄🎄 Go eat ornaments!



Posted by devoidgazer - September 17th, 2023

Heya it's story time!

So, to explain a bit. It's been almost a year since the last update. The Dragon project has unfortunately gone through its mini limbo phase due to life reasons related to both KCJ and I. Progress has been delayed countless times and it's quite difficult to keep up with this project given this is a collaboration between KCJ and I.

During the early start of 2023, we were making good progress. The animatic was fully completed in January. The assets were going to be reused and some I've started to remake during the passing months. Ejemplo:




But due to issues outside of my control. My homie, KCJ, keeps getting her ass beat in the game of life. This ongoing issue has been going on for more than a year and I can't estimate when it will be resolved. Not only has this reduced our motivation to keep the work moving at a steady pace but it also demotivated us from working on it during the free time we had.

On my end, I started working longer hours at my job, which impeded my ability to make up for the lost time I could have used to work on projects. The job itself drained me and at times I didn't feel like getting on my PC for a long period.

KCJ's personal issues going on every month and understandably so, progress couldn't be made at the pace we wished. This ongoing cycle of motivation and demotivation has completely drained us.


I'm still proud of the work I did during those early months to recharge from the stress and I'm glad I took the chance to contribute to other projects along the way too.

Sometimes I don't think life wants us to finish this Dragon Animation Project, but to hell with it, we are still going to push through it despite the hiccups. This is what we have so far and it's only just the start. Images courtesy by @kcj567 without her this won't even be real :')






Starting today I plan to finish color scripting for all the acts by next week if the time permits. We planned to have this project out by sometime in August, but of course things change over time, so I give no set date until further notice!

Momma didn't raise no quitter


This month I quit my job and now I'm enrolled to a design bootcamp that will hopefully give me a better opportunity to achieve something related in the field of design or related to my passion in art. I have no idea what I am in store so for all I know I could be busy during the next 3 months without a single free time to spare. I will make it my life's mission to see this huge project to completion and I won't rest until it's done but for now my priority is to focus on studies!

I believe for now I will try to hold off on any collabs even though I really want to for some of the upcoming events here. That comic contest looks super tempting mannn. And that Lisa collab! MAN :( I'll be working on the main project...

Some closing thoughts...

Who knows what will happen before the end of this year. IDK It's like trying to predict the lottery. Not sure if the animation will be done by then but things may change or things may not. Maybe I get a new job? Maybe I listen to the voices and join another collab. Dunno, but I'm looking forward for what the future holds. One thing I am certain is that I'm excited about the new Art update! That multi-art format has a lot of potential! It almost made me want to start drawing up comics. That sounds like something future me will have to consider though.

Point of being I suddenly had this spark of inspiration during the last four months and suddenly I wish to do everything. In due time and with patience. Just so much I want to do! Motivation is back to 99%

Thank you for all the support! The animation I've worked on got 3rd Daily! Even if it was really short... I felt hesitant thinking it was way too short to share here, but I felt really proud of the results so I couldn't help it :0. It's been about a little over 2 years since I've been on this platform, and it feels great to share and collaborate with peers here.

Not dead, just sometimes I post whenever the stars align and that's just how it may be.

Expect random drawings every now and then. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

chuggin a fat one


Until Next Time...




Posted by devoidgazer - September 8th, 2023


Here is something from July-August. I'm doing scene 258 for the El Dorado Collab. I'm nearing like about 4 months now? I lost track of time, honestly it's been a LONG TIME. idk if the gifs work (may need to pay lol) but ye I've been working on stuff!

Gotta love the roughs! IM SO CLOSE TO FINISHINGGGG




It's been crazy to finally work on an animation alone again.

I'll make a longer post about what's been going on and update on how the other bigger projects are going atm. There's quite a lot to unpack so I'll be gathering my thoughts in this coming week. THX for 600 follower milestone btw wooo!



Posted by devoidgazer - June 19th, 2023

My Argumentative Essay

Pico, a most well notably known character from the hit game Pico's School (1999), has amassed a large fanbase throughout the years. Given his popularity among other NG mascot's, many headcannons stemming from the most notable and popular examples such as his PTSD and schizophrenia, one mystery lies yet to be explained. Still haunting fans, one question still remains. Does Pico spit or swallow? Undeniable evidence points towards the popular NG character to be a spitter due to three developed factors such as, his personality, learned behavior, and situational circumstances that would favor a spit rather than a swallow.

First and foremost, his character is mostly defined by his abrasive personality as seen from Pico's School. From the start of the shooting, he is capable of commit multiple offenses such as murdering his offending classmates if it means to get to the school shooter [Cassandra]. This proves Pico has some high level of competitiveness and has been a notable certain trait of his throughout. Due to this information, we can infer that his level of dominance would also apply towards sexual intercourse between male on male action. This would exemplify the importance of his dominant demeanor when it comes to ejaculation. We can presume that in the case of oral ejaculation the notion that comes with the act of swallowing is to submit to a submissive role. Pico as forementioned carries a dominant trait that refuses to be held towards such a position. This notion contradicts his dominant trait, so therefore Pico will reject the act of swallowing.

In compliment afformity, the moral compass of Pico, carried mostly by the influence of his caregiver, can carry the instance of proving that he will spit. We will use the Spazkid NG short Pico's Career day as a baseline for Pico's moral compass. Despite the crude nature of the film, hidden within a specific scene there lies the important instance where Tom Fulp [father], is seen by Pico giving oral sex to another man. Upon seeing his son, Tom Fulp instictively spits out the cum unfortunately landing on Pico's face. Afterwards, Pico notes that his dad is indeed a 'spitter'. We can come to the conclusion that if we apply the psychological study of parental imitation, we can infer that through watching and listening, Pico will aquire and imitate the actions of his father if put in similar circumstance in the future.

Given the circumstances during most events, whenever Pico is engaged in combat, there's always the common notion that he is a character who shoots before talking. Taking this into account, hypothetically speaking, if it were to be relationed to whether he spits or swallows we can infer a connection between this argument and his killing tactics. This argument is weak but in the general sense, [he shoots] = [he spits semen]. Due to his circumstance, he has no other option but to spit. Hence why I conclude why he is a spitter.

After all the facts do not lie. Given the long history of Pico as a character, there is only so much evidence that I can turn into a fallacy. Thank you for wasting your time reading this. 



Posted by devoidgazer - November 18th, 2022

It's a me. Mario ~

From the recent fear mongering on Twitter, I felt it was necessary to give a brief reminder that whatever happens to my account, it will stay there until it falls lol. I'll stay here for as long as this site lives. meanwhile I should cleanup my insta.

And HEY I noticed a few new people have followed, ★ʜᴇʟʟᴏ!★ :)


I think it's due time to share some cool things @kcj567 has been working on for the Dragon animation.





What we are trying to go for is a puppet like feel for our project. This was our original intention for the jam, but due to time restraints and a lack of understanding of blender physics we immediately scrapped this idea. These few tests will slowly be worked on while re-storyboarding the entire project.




iu_809908_8461193.png ᒪᗩ ᑕᖇᎥᗩ丅ᑌᖇᗩ

That's as much as I can share for now!

it's been unfortunately pretty hectic these past few months and still very little progress has yet to be made, but progress is progress no matter how slow! I wish to have these kinds of posts up more often from now on, who knows??? Perhaps??

Thanks for reading up to this point! Have a great day :D



Posted by devoidgazer - October 7th, 2022

Just a quick update on what's been going on and such.

There was a hitch on the current process on the upcoming projects due to certain EPIC LIFE MOMENT. Momentarily holding them on limbo until the end of October once everything cools down ;)

Interestingly enough, that Dragon Animation has had decent progress regarding Blender rigging and body collision. Props to @kcj567 for all the work! I should give her a raise!

Quick rants:

Not much progress has been made as of late. Sometimes I feel like I just can't finish them due to how much time has passed etc etc, I love making excuses. I don't expect anyone to read this lol

I've barely made anything worth sharing here so forgive me if I just seem to have vanished off for a bit. This might happen often lol. Lots of things are pilling up! I haven't forgotten about here. I miss uploading finished works and I feel like doodles just don't cut it.

Just been feeling a bit unmotivated but that will slowly come to an end. In due time I suppose. I will continue to fight off this damn sludge and get back to what I want to do. hell the fuck yes.

See ya u smexy lads soon >:]


Hold on... I JUST REALIZED 0_0


There are 506 of you? Where do you even come from? I'm a bit shook. I haven't uploaded in 3 +months? Most of you guys have come for more Tank dicks I know it you rascals. On a more lighthearted note


- from the bottom of my lazy heart

I don't know what to do for these things, I really appreciate you guys looking through my work still haha (´•̥ω•̥`)‬

(if you read this far in and emote you get free art lol just how the popular artists do it ig)jk?



Posted by devoidgazer - July 23rd, 2022


Ah yes, my Steam Summer Sale impulse buy. If you were wondering when all the new art is going to be posted.... I got addicted to playing Rain World so that's what happened. Woops :P

For those who care, Rain World kicks ass. My time spent as a slugcat felt exhilarating and brand new. I love dying to unfair RNG and drowning in pipes. A masochist's dream come true indeed. It's like this game was made for me.


nice ʘ‿ʘ

I haven't finished it yet so NO SPOILERS PLEASE I BEG but I am nearing the end so hopefully I get stuff done by the next month. The aesthetic of this game is amazing. So much so I even drew a quick sketch of the Survivor.

iu_704072_8461193.webpKCJ rees in the background


The game is super awesome. It's been less than a month and I love it already. Even KCJ got hooked on the good kush too. If you haven't played it yet, I recommend you try it out, but be aware that the number of deaths you will have is astronomical. (epic deaths)

I will get back to the projects shortly :P

Since this game feels so niche, are there any fans out there? I'm looking forward to the Downpour DLC :D


Posted by devoidgazer - June 5th, 2022

I got my first computer :0

This news is about 7 months late, but my god will this bad boy run blender, photoshop, animate, newgrounds, etc, better than my laptop now.

Fly high my little war machine ~ you will be missed ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Anyways what does this entail? For starters, no more sweaty palms! Harder, better, faster, stronger rendering time. Cooler tank renders if I may add. (ง˘ω˘)ว

Meaning I'll have a chance to make better projects without worrying about blue screening and crying. 

These upcoming projects will have no issue with the heavy load I'm gonna let out.

So, onto the nitty gritty, what's been up these past few months?

Besides getting adjusted to the new PC, which took about 2 months to build with my experience, and working partime, I've had a lot of illustrations piling up behind me that take me as far back as 2020! So in these following days, expect a lot of old and recent works to be uploaded momentarily before I get back to animating full throttle mode.

Yes this means Tankmen Unloaded will take a backseat in production! Early 2023, take it or leave it!


There is a silver lining to all of this. Because of the support we got from everyone, whether it be from commenting, rating, and even just viewing our content, there has been great motivation to improve from the first half.

THANK YOU! Seriously! We are about to reach 10k views on this silly short animation! Thank you Mr. Fulp for the front page!

And thank you random Newgrounds citizen!


ᴳᵉᵗˢ ᵐᵉ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵗᶦᵐᵉ

Me, KCJ and Corey hope that with your patience we can improve the 2nd half of the animation tenfold!

Expect a few things to change in priority as we will be holding off Part 2 to release an updated version of O' that Stingy Dragon as a blender test flex that will help us get ready for Part 2!

Please look forward to it! :D

Following this, I've been practicing animation excercises in my spare time to get adjusted for 2D animation back again.



Knowing that these few practices will lead up to Part 2 and beyond, fills me with determination.

So as to give an idea of what I'll be aiming for:

  • More drawings!
  • Script rework of Tankmen Unloaded: Part 2 will begin shortly after Pico Day!
  • O' that Stingy Dragon Revamped in these upcoming months
  • And in the near future... a collab 0_0 no specifics yet ;)


First PC = better animation. Tankmen Unloaded Part 2 Soonish, expect O' that Stingy Dragon to cum first, more drawings on da way, yadda yadda and thank you.

Thanks guys for being so cool. Tankcocks or without tankcocks, I hope you stick around for content regardless. As for a little sneak peek towards my Pico Day drawing, there ya go! Tankcocks! There's one more on my Twitter but y'all already know that ;)


Catch you later on Pico Day! ✌