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First year here on Newgrounds! ʷᵒʷ

Where to even begin?! (LONG THREAD, kinda)

I missed giving an afterword when the Summer Jam event had fully ended cause I couldn't find the right words to describe how much I appreciate this community. Due to a very funky game, I remember joining in early January, not really doing much of anything but maybe rating a few artworks here and there. And then I'm here, ending off the year with about 5 animations, 11 ish complete art pieces, and 207 followers?!

Thank you for 200+ followers btw which is long overdue, but I am extremely thankful :D

Since I barely finish anything, it's not that surprising for others but for the amount I did.... I'm extremely satisfied :)

Funk, Pico Day & Summer Fest

I've been in an artistic rut for a few years now. I barely bothered to post my art on Instagram anymore and I just went pretty silent in all socials. The FNF Animation Jam was basically the start of getting out of the rut. Those early months were absolute chaos due to having contacted covid while I was animating lol. I can still feel the pump from that. I'm still surprised to this day that I managed to push something out! Pico day was when I got a bit more into the community and met some wonderful people that if I had to @ everyone this text will take me all the way to the new year, and then following the Summer Fest I practically began animating more often than drawing. Never could have I expected this year to be my most productive and I find myself thanking this website for its support countless times. I can't thank these lovely peeps enough for their help during the Fest (Go check em out if you haven't)

@LostChronology @itsabluebanana & @mrjoeyprosser

The Summer Animation Jam

The jam hosted by Brandy proved to me to be an extremely special event from which to learn from. I felt like my back has been killing me for months now, but the pain was so worth the feedback! We got a crew review pick, even had one front paged which absolutely made our entire day that time. And heck we also got 10th place overall so fricking INCREDIBLE, I felt like a [Bigshot]. Me and KCJ are extremely thankful for the amount of feedback we received from the NG community. I read most of the comments you all put out, it's very nice :]. I've never animated full projects like those before. Most end up as storyboards, never to be seen by public eye, but perhaps once in a blue moon, I could continue them. Truly, this gave me a boost of confidence that I didn't realize I needed until now, so I am very grateful to have such wonderful support from the community itself.

I want to thank (again) every single person who has helped out during the NG Summer Jam. I will forever appreciate you all from the depths of my heart and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I hope we can someday cross paths again and return the favor ten-fold!

@Stanpai @Lilspook @VoicesbyCorey @Menoyami @ZaazNG @Mikeysota @Kettako @QueenBoo @Kcj567



  • I was super happy to contribute to the Toy Story 2 Collab by @WesMakowski! I'm glad I contributed, it looks to be amazing so far. Take your time with the finishing touches man. I know I'll be taking my time to rewatch it anew once it gets uploaded here on Newgrounds. I know everyone will love it, so patience!

  • Regarding the updated Trailer from the Summer Jam (Hello World) I was a bit sad that I wasn't able to finish it in time before the new year, but I started fully working on getting it complete just recently 2 days ago. It is so close to nearing completion. I really have no excuse as to why it wasn't updated sooner seeing as I've worked on other things during my free time. I was extremely bummed out about the blue screen and took a momentary breather but now I am in the gist of things by all things considered! To all who have contributed, I haven't forgotten I promise, pinky promise. It will just take a bit longer due to my poor negligence. I apologize greatly, it is on the way!

Leaving off on a more positive note... My greatest thanks to the Newgrounds community for being so awesome. Thank you all. Cheers for more future content next year! 2022 will be pretty interesting seeing as how me and KCJ are planning to continue these following projects. Mark those calendars for Part 2 of more cock jokes, hell yeah! Maybe next year I should be more organized and schedule better yeahhhhhhhhh!

Happy New Year 2022 Newgrounds!


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